Privacy policy


  • This policy is about the processing of personal data (Privacy Policy) and describes how (us, our, we) collects and treats information about you.

  • The Privacy Policy applies to data submitted by you, or data collected through (The website/homepage)

  • This is version 1.0 of our Privacy Policy (Dated: 2019-10-28)

Which data do we collect?

  • We save a cookie on your device when you rate a spot (pc, phone, tablet). This cookie will desappear after 10 years or when you delete it (you can delete the cookies in you browser settings).

  • The only information we collect about you is the information you submit through our forms, comment fields and/or when you decide to send an e-mail to us.

Recipients of personal data

  • We do not store any data about your name or email from the edit spot or add spot pages. When you comment a spot do we save your name and comment in our database but not your email.

  • The information you give us will never be sold, rented or loaned to anyone.

  • The information you provide us in the spot name, descriptions fields and file browsing can be used on the spot (pages for the individual spots) pages.

  • Emails will be deleted after each case (emails you send us or when you edit/add spots) have been finished.

  • When you click on to this page will collect data for analytics. This data will be stored in the databases at The data collected is data about which pages you visited, how much time you spend on our page and which country you was located when you visited this page.