Who is behind?

Magnus Boll Jensen

Magnus Boll Jensen is an advanced skimboarder who love to skim. He realized people had a hard time finding skimspots when travelling. Back in december 2017 he created the skimspots map and the first version of skimspots.com.

Magnus Boll Jensen is the developer and operator of skimspots.com. The goal is to make skimspots.com the go to page when you want to find a skim spot.

Big thanks to:

A big thanks to the skimboarding community for updating the page with new skim spots and updating information the skim spot information.

New skim spots

The skim spot database is far from complete so if your local skim spot or the skim spot from your vaction is not listed on this website please consider adding the spot via the add spot page.

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Skimspots.com is powered by Filanda (GUPA Software). The owner of Filanda (GUPA Software) is also Magnus Boll Jensen. gupasoftware.dk.