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The only data we collect is the data you give us when sending an email. We have no interest in collecting other data.

Use of cookies

This website is using cookies to make sure you don't rate a spot more than once. Don't rate a spot if you don't want the website to save a cookie.

The website saves a cookie each time you rate a spot. Your previous rating will be updated if you try to rate a spot more than once. Cookies will be replaced with a new coockie if you rate a spot more than once. Cookies will disappear by it self after 10 years.

You can delete cookies in the settings of your browser.

Spot editor

New spot submission

We need to the coordinates or a google map link to the exact spot. A minimum of one picture is required. We also need some kind of description. In the description you can give information about when the spot is avialable if tides or other things influences the accessibility. You can also give tips for parking if it is hard to find parking spots. Maybe there is skimboard shop near by etc.

Name and email is required. The email with the spot information and your name and email will be saved.

Edit existing spot

Choose which spot you want to edit by clicking the spot in the drop down menu.

Video rights

We want to make sure that the creater of a video has given us the rights to show the video on this website. You have to have the rights to give us the rights to show a video you add to a skim spot.

We will check the video and see if it is worth getting on this website.

Video criteria

  • video is a YouTube link.

The person watching:

  • gets an idea of how well the spot is.

  • can see how the suroundings.